LivenationTV Recap of Isle of Light Festival

Isle of Light brought vacation vibes, American bands, and a strong sense of cultural pride to Santo Domingo.

“At this point, the myriad number of music festivals are a firmly established facet of millennial existence—weekend diversions to be taken for granted. We skip them if the headliners aren’t our favorites, or maybe if the weather isn’t just right, if the vibe seems off, or if we can think of something better to do.

In 2014, according to data compiled by Billboard, 32 million people went to at least one American music festival. According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 10.5 million people in the Dominican Republic. Which is to say, there are three times as many people who attended music festivals in America than there are people in the Dominican Republic.

Neon Indian

Though the island nation has a rich club music scene and boasts a multitude of great Dembow and Reggaeton artists, you can count the number of music festivals offering international acts in the Dominican Republicon one hand. There is Groovefest, which is an electronic music festival. There is Barbarella, which is also an electronic music festival. Then there’s Electric Paradise, which is… another electronic music festival. If you’re Dominican and a fan of indie music, you have exactly one opportunity to view it in a festival format, and that opportunity is the Isle of Light, which took place over the weekend in Santo Domingo, the nation’s capital. In its third year, the fest seemed to be booked with an eye towards showcasing Latin American talent, as well as bringing in indie music from the US that bridged the cultural gap.”

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