Millionyoung- Rare Form


Millionyoung, the pseudonym for Miami’s Mike Diaz, is prepping to release his new album Rare Form later this year.

The first single from the album is released today – title track, “Rare Form.” See the premiere with Magnetic Magazine here.

As Diaz tells Magnetic Mag, “The album Rare Form is sort of a personal account of the last 2 or 3 years, trying to find a balanced perspective on life and love, despite the world’s polarized expectations. The title track specifically, is about letting go of those external expectations, and learning for myself what I wanted, and where I was or wasn’t willing to compromise. From there the record explores the results of those decisions which, while difficult at first, have led to my favorite point in life so far.”

Finding itself at a unique intersection of house music rhythms and 70s funk psychedelia, Diaz’s music feels as welcome on a crowded dance floor as it does on long road trips, blending bright electronic synths with layered guitars and vocals to create lush tropical soundscapes.

Mike is a multi-talented artist, producer, and DJ. He released his debut EP in 2009 titled Sunndreamm, and has since released numerous LPs, EPs, and remixes that have seen coverage from outlets from Pitchfork to The Guardian.

The last two years have found Diaz performing at Miami festivals such as III PointsHouse of Creatives Fest, and FM Festival, as well as select dates across the U.S.

Catch him live next tonight in Miami for the HOC Fest 2017 launch party:

8/4 – Miami, FL @ 1306 (w/Caveman – HOC Fest Launch Party) – tix
Dive into “Rare Form,” out now, and look out for more to come from Millionyoung late 2017.