Pompeya – Real x Night (The Remixes)

Today, Russian pop/funk outfit Pompeya have released their highly anticipated new remix LP Real x Night (The Remixes), available now HERE.

The LP includes remixed tracks from May 2015 new album Real and previous EP Night as well as special bonus tracks showcasing an array of both heavyweight and rising-star producer talent including Amtrac, Mystery Skulls, Win and Woo, Jerome LOL, The Twelves, and Moullinex.

The Moscow band’s latest album Real was released May 5 via Mishu Records. The LP is available now on limited edition vinyl, which comes with a digital download and two bonus tracks (Jerome LOL + Amtrac remixes). Buy now HERE.


Pompeya – Real x Night (The Remixes)
Release date: December 4th, 2015


1. Pasadena (Amtrac Remix)
2. Does (The Twelves Remix)
3. To The Orient (Handbook Remix)
4. Real (Mystery Skulls Remix)
5. OOOOO (Cry About It)[Win and Woo Remix] 6. Lookout (Javelin Crushin Attack Mix)
7. To A Kid (PBR Streetgang Remix)
8. Liar (Jerome LOL Remix)
9. Hysteria (Moullinex Remix)
10. Satellite (Ben La Desh Remix)
11. Night (Clock Opera Remix)

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