MISHU is a live music event promoter, producing concerts and music festivals primarily in Miami, FL and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, with occasional events in other locations such as Los Angeles, NYC and elsewhere.

Our annual flagship event is ISLE OF LIGHT MUSIC FESTIVAL, a world-class music festival taking place every spring in Santo Domingo. We also produce independent concerts throughout the year in Miami via our ESCALA SONORA brand, as well as in Santo Domingo via BUENA ONDA. These brands focus on creating a platform for both emerging and established artists, allowing them to showcase their art and connect with fans in high-quality venues with state-of-the-art production.

We also aim to uncover and promote developing artists and creators through our editorial arm, RADIO BIZARRO. The show is broadcast daily on terrestrial FM radio and is the most influential program for independent music in Santo Domingo. We focus on capturing exclusive content and interviews with the best innovators and visionaries across the music and culture spaces. 

We are passionate music-lovers at our core and are always looking for the next upcoming act to help them find and establish their fanbase in our key markets. We’ll see you at the show. 🤘

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